About Our Organization

History of the Organization

New Visualization, an apolitical, non-denominational non-government organization with non-partisan affiliations and non-profit outlook on a mandate for promoting and improving the respect for human values, developing and effectuating sustainable livelihood alternatives and welfare strategies for vulnerable groups, populations and communities; was founded on February 4, 2015, by members from different backgrounds all united by common concerns pertaining to health, provision of Knowledge, improving the capacity of the youth, gender advocacy, aid and relief, and articulating the needs of the weak and vulnerable. Steering thoughts and actions towards sustainability is at the forefront of our initiatives.   

Sharing Initiatives and Impacting Lives

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Our Mission and Vision Statements​

New Visualization is on a mission for protecting the rights and improving the lives of women and girls, orphans and street children and youths, persons with disability, older persons and the socially vulnerable; we research their needs, identify solutions and advocate for and/or implement programmes to engender a world of equality, peace and justice for all with zero poverty and a people living prosperous lives with dignity.   

Our vision is to bring into concrete existence an end to poverty and ensure prosperity for vulnerable groups, populations and communities through the provision of knowledge (capacity development) and health promotions; these we believe are the essentials for human development in ensuring sustainability.