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Promoting health programs, healthy lifestyles and ensuring effective sensitization of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other health related issues conditions.

New Visualization keen to the fundamentality of health in human development, remains stringent on its health campaigns, pertaining to the truth that, it is only when people are healthy that they can be productive in their respective places of work and professions thereby yielding results and thence progress, growth and development follows. Particular attention is placed on HIV/AIDS sensitization and the fight against Malaria, encouraging people on the benefits of knowing their HIV status and following treatment not just for themselves but also for their loved ones and the dangers posed by the Malaria epidemic respectively. Sensitization on Water borne-diseases and infections, execution of WASH programmes, sensitization on tuberculosis and diabetes are also entrenched in our health programme “My Health, My Right, My Life.” Here also, confidential free health counseling is provided by our team of medical personnel on how to live in good health.

Promoting advocacy for gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls.

It is the moral obligation of New Visualization to make it categorically clear that all persons irrespective of sex were born equal and that women and girls (especially those in rural communities) deserve to be treated with dignity and respect heedless to biased tribal customs and traditions delimiting their full expression in the public life of their communities. Thus women and girls should be given equal opportunities to participate in the social, political and economic sphere of public life. Here, vulnerable women and victims of gender based violence (GBV) are empowered with entrepreneurship skills on small business development and management as well as on sustainable agriculture to enable them regain their self-esteem and become more reliant on self. Our women empowerment initiative falls under the broader communities’ development scheme “Empowering Rural Communities for Sustainable Development.” Communities are reminded that by perpetuating acts of sexism, they are inadvertently hindering their growth and prosperity denoting that a female child can be 100% more prolific than her male counterpart when placed on an equal field.

Providing and promoting support to orphans and vulnerable children.

New Visualization is passionate and consistent in ensuring that some basic amenities of orphans and vulnerable children are met amid prevailing exigencies. Here we work in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs; South West Regional Delegation, in providing some didactic material and other essential facilities to orphanages as well as try in meeting the school needs of other vulnerable street children (children whose parents are unable to support their educational needs).

Fostering youth Empowerment through capacity building and education.

Convinced that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and that adequate foundational skill development of the youth today is an invaluable investment for posterity, New Visualization chooses to remain actively seized of the matter. We live in a country where youth constitute the largest demographic of its population. Without aiding them in building stronger foundations of solidarity, compatriotism, and civic morality what future are we envisioning for them? What future are we envisioning for this Cameroon? The moral imperatives of democracy demands the modest but vital virtues of loving parents, faithful spouses, good neighbours, law abiding citizens, sober patriots. It demands tolerance and commitment, and the capacity to sacrifice amid challenges. These are the foundational requirements for self-governance. Underneath this apex we incentivize youth economic empowerment, capacity building, capacity development and education because without these we cannot comfortably affirm at old age that we handed something meaningful for posterity. We inculcate the youth in matter of peace-building. Understanding the important role young people can play and are currently playing in peace-building within their communities it is vital we give them the attention they deserve. We do this in consonance with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2250 adopted on 9 December 2015, the first ever UNSC thematic resolution on Youth, Peace and Security.

To care for, support and educate those suffering from the worst hardship and distress as a result of Crisis and/or disaster situations or reasons of socio-economic circumstances.

Considering the constant reoccurrence of natural disasters, crisis situations, and disease outbreaks leaving many afflicted without adequate disaster relief and medical attention, New Visualization has adopted a mandate in providing full humanitarian aid to crisis and disaster affected people and communities, and those unable to obtain medical support. Humanitarianism remains a core value and source of inspiration to our work.

To promote agricultural value chains of food and cash crops.

In a country where agriculture accounts for a greater portion of its GDP, we encourage the production and supply chains of food crops like maize, cassava, sorghum, etc and cash crops like cocoa, coffee, banana and plantains, initiating best agricultural practices, creating market linkages for rural farmers at various entry points for sustainable value chains.

To stimulate networking with other CSOs and NGOs to take common position on matters affecting our communities in particular, our nation, Africa and the world at large for adequate community development, proper nation building, and creating a better Africa and shaping the world we need not just for us but also for posterity.

Provided its autonomy is not affected, the organization is open to collaborate with other entities on a regional, national or international basis in order to further its aims. We believe in our capacity for global missions, instituting global concerns, implementing global trends, and enforcing global norms within our context.

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