Women and girls should be given equal opportunities

Promoting advocacy for gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls.

It is the moral obligation of New Visualization to make it categorically clear that all persons irrespective of sex were born equal and that women and girls (especially those in rural communities) deserve to be treated with dignity and respect heedless to biased tribal customs and traditions delimiting their full expression in the public life of their communities. Thus women and girls should be given equal opportunities to participate in the social, political and economic sphere of public life.

Here, vulnerable women and victims of gender based violence (GBV) are empowered with entrepreneurship skills on small business development and management as well as on sustainable agriculture to enable them regain their self-esteem and become more reliant on self. Our women empowerment initiative falls under the broader communities’ development scheme “Empowering Rural Communities for Sustainable Development.” Communities are reminded that by perpetuating acts of sexism, they are inadvertently hindering their growth and prosperity denoting that a female child can be 100% more prolific than her male counterpart when placed on an equal field.