We’re keen to the fundamentality of health in human development.

Promoting health programs, healthy lifestyles and ensuring effective sensitization of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other health related issues conditions.

New Visualization keen to the fundamentality of health in human development, remains stringent on its health campaigns, pertaining to the truth that, it is only when people are healthy that they can be productive in their respective places of work and professions thereby yielding results and thence progress, growth and development follows. Particular attention is placed on HIV/AIDS sensitization and the fight against Malaria, encouraging people on the benefits of knowing their HIV status and following treatment not just for themselves but also for their loved ones and the dangers posed by the Malaria epidemic respectively. Sensitization on Water borne-diseases and infections, execution of  WASH programmes, sensitization on tuberculosis and diabetes are also entrenched in our health programme “My Health, My Right, My Life.”   Here also, confidential free health counseling is provided by our team of medical personnel on how to live in good health.